My first 4 logos got rejected. I need some advice, pls


hi for most of them , the typo part is too basic indeed and the tagline is lacking , when this is required. I think that the frst one is the most interesting as this is the most original and modern style as well … now i think that th logo in a general way is a bit too raw as such …

the second one is not bad but i think that the lines are a bit too thin and this is a reason for many items to be rejected indeed

the thirst one is difficult to understand it looks like that u have a cube but the relief inside is not in keeping with the space and perspective and i tend to believe that u should have a white spacing all around the central shape, it would turn your logo into a more modern style one

the last one the style is too outdated and the thing is not satisfying aesthetically speaking


thank you for the advice, maybe I just too confident to submit those logos lol

certainly not, but u have to try to make sure that u check what is working and make sure that u bring something new to the table, this is tough to get anything accepted today with the saturated market, just stick to doing your best and it will work :slight_smile: