My first 4 logos got rejected. I need some advice, please.

Hi guys!

I want to hear your constructive criticism, and advice, if you are an author in this field, I will be grateful!
Thank you!!!

i like much the first 2 logos even if the color of the text is not appropriate in my view for the first logo …and the typo is too flat / not original enough for the second one. For the first one, the tagline is also missing and this is required here …

for the third one the illustration is hard to understand, i mean this is hard to figure out what this is supposed to be …and the tagline has to be reworked if u ask me

for the last logo the f part is interesting but the rest is very flat and lacking originaloty and balance , not to mention that they will expect u to put it under the name and not over …

Thanks my friend :slight_smile:

for me this is better again, though , i would turn the tagling in another color and try another font for it , too , maybe more basic in this case , i tend to believe that it would increase balance , besides, maybe it would be worth the drive trying to give this a try, to turn game slightly more “pinky” to increase the symetrical effect of what u have in the illustration part …

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