Logo buy explain

hello sorry just question im trying to buy logo for my small company but im confused when i see some logo has few sales :grimacing: i mean if i want logo for my company and other people buy same the logo i bought are we all we gona have the same logo ?

in short yes unless you then edit it

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thanks Mr.Charlie4282 i will just need to know safe place to buy logo or make one and make sure its safe no one can have the same, this is something new to me i need learn about it, thats will be cool if we have here Logo-maker in Envato, there are some website do this but im not sure i can trust them or not :grimacing: i only trust Envato web.


You can hire someone on www.studio.envato.com but it will be more expensive as you would be paying for dedicated help and an exclusive item

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ohhh thanks man didnt know about this

They are vetted freelancers and as you are paying via envato you have more protection

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