logo purchase

hello friends
please help me how to submit other logo item in my logo portfolio, because some one want to sell their all logo items. so i want to purchase and join their logo in my portfolio.


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If the items are already for sale here you cannot buy them and relist them

td4u want to sale thier all logo but his logo are not approved.

when i resubmit thour my account

If it hasn’t already been approved then it’s no different from submitting it like any other file from your profile.

That said you want to be absolutely certain you have it in writing that you have bought the rights to upload the designs otherwise they oculd potentially create issues with copyright

no no i am not purchse it yet. he want to sale his all logo. excusiv is his own site not thourgh envato. he want to leave envato.

Then as long as they remove any of the logos that are for sale from here first then they can do that. If they have not been approved then it don’t matter

If you want to sell them here too (assuming you can get them approved) then you need to change to be a NON exclusive author and clear permission from the original author to do so