Buyers want to buy my logo design exclusively, what should I do?

What do I do if there are buyers who want to buy my design (items in my portfolio) exclusively? can I sell it and remove the logo item from my portfolio?

This case the buyer has ever bought my logo design from graphicriver then he wants to buy it back exclusively because the logo is sold once.

Please give me feedback on this issue, I just do not want to violate the envato policy … Thanks:grinning:

How I see this situation:

Your logo is your own work (item) and you can do it what you want with it. You can remove it from Envato at any time and that is ok. You can sell it after that on some other place or directly to just one buyer without breaking any rules or policy.

You can’t remove item from your portfolio and after a while to bring it back.
You can’t sell the same item on some other place or directly to one buyer and still to sell it on Envato as exclusive author.

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oh thank you for your feedback sir, it’s very helpful :grin: