Questions for inspectors

Where can I see detailed instructions for downloading the logo?

I got acquainted with the refusals of other designers.
What is a simple logo for inspectors? What logos do you need? If every inspector has his own taste, is it worth spending time on your trading platform? You probably think that everything is already drawn? Then what’s the point in your project?

If you look at the top selling logos on GraphicRiver, you can see that many of them are somewhat complex, with overlapping shapes and colors, multiple options for customisation, and generally pretty artistic and illustrative. Simple logos with basic shapes can look nice, but you must also understand that there are TONS of those on the market here already. If you look at the tags for sales in the logo category, you can see that there is a huge number of low and no sale items, so not only is the market very saturated, but the majority don’t sell very well. I’ve even noticed that some of my favourite logo designers on here have a large portfolio with more than half of their items having no sales.

It’s not only about being too simple or personal taste of the reviewer, it’s also about keeping the marketplace clean and bot abundantly overcrowded.

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u also forgot to mention that much stress is put on typo here and that logos are considered in a very small size too , as there is an impact on what can make it … adaptablity and commercial potential are regarded too so this is better to make something that is not in too much of a niche …

In my experience, I don’t think the typo of the logos is that important, at least not for what are essentially stock logos. Of course it should look nice, with a good font, spacing, etc. But there isn’t really a whole lot you can do with it, since it needs to be easily editable, all you can really do is have a basic, flat font. A fully custom logo is another story, though.

The majority of people that I’ve personally seen buy stock logos, do so mostly for the icon or symbol, then just add their own text to it.

well i did not tell u if i feel this is … i told u that this is felt like this here , whihc is a very different story indeed. Besides, i feel this is not legitimate if u ask me, as a designer in an agency for 15 years , what i can tell u is that most of the customers try to “personify” what u create for them by changing things … fonts and colors are a very recurrent thing that people try to modify …

I just found this guide for logo templates, didn’t even know this was a thing. It doesn’t cover everything that we talked about, but it should definitely help a lot of people with their logos.

Thanks for the answer!
But unfortunately this message is simplified. This example does not disclose details, guidelines for action. I doubt I can work for Envato. You can spend time, but the result will not be. For example Shatterstok. This stock Accepts almost everything, buyers decide for themselves what to buy. If Invato could also take, but limit the sale on time. If there is no sales for three months then the logos will be removed automatically.

shutterstock strategy is a mess, all the places that are working like this are basically making people starving unlike they do absolutely all on their own … that means bringing the customer on your own and so on
the reviewing system is a great one if taken away from incoherences indeed

Completely agree with n2n44. The review system on Envato is great, although slightly confusing and flawed in some small ways. Giving people the ability to put whatever they want will just flood the marketplace with crap. Items would be pushed off the front page within seconds or less. It would be very difficult for buyers to find items that are up to the quality standard, and personally, I wouldn’t even buy something from a site that has no quality management.

I find that it’s also a very valuable learning tool, when we create our own items, we might not always see the problems with it, especially if we’ve put so much time and effort into it, even if it’s the best thing we’ve ever made, that doesn’t mean others will see the value in it. I’ve been here for over 7 years, and about half of my items were all rejected at least once, usually more than once, and some never made it onto the market at all, which is frustrating, but it forced me to do better, now I’m at the point where I haven’t had a single rejection in years.

well , let’s face it , this is difficult to make it flawless anyway … there is a part in what we do that belongs to art , feelings and possible expectations, not to mention that there is a massive flow to deal with for reviewers and that the focus for all big companies is not to spend hours to make sure that the thing is 100% coherent all the way
u are right , letting all people post whatever they like is a wrong startegy leading naturally to overflooding the platform - regardless of quality - and drowning all the new items instantly and making people success only out of their address books or networks