I need to know your opinion before I download the logo

and what are the mistakes?

With respect this makes no sense and is nowhere near the standards

The typography is very plain

Spacing and margins around the 4 ciurcuels and the surrounding edge is completely inconsistent

Curvces (1 and 2) are not natural or fluid and look wrong

hi, I actually see a collection of problems indeed , let’s get started

1- execution
the bottom like is that here u are expected to provide something just flawless and at the moment , indeed, no offence, but u really need more practice so that the item looks really convincing about it, some shapes look a bit odd and uneven, this is a don’t here
2- concept
to be honest, I know that abstract things and style can make great logos indeed, but here the fact of the matter is that this is not intuitive what the logo is meant to and we can only guess so to speak, so that we can easily imagine that the targeted
“audience” would not necessarily understand that this item is indeed addressing to them … in my case, it took me a while o identify what it is and who is targeted here
3- typo
indeed, I think that this is not superfluous to remind u off the fact that expectations are high here in terms of typo, no matter where u are posting and what is the category that “u belong to”. What u have is cruelly lacking of variations, font combinations and touches of originality , this is in the best case really flat and u cannot expect to have a loo going through with no more to offer typo wise
4- color combination
this is not the best that u could have been dreaming of as this is globally lacking contrast and the the tends to flatten the whole thing instead of creating an efficient hierarchy indeed …
5- imbrication
the illustration and text part are too close from each other , most of the people make a mistake about imbrication , too bu they usually do the other way around, in your case, this is too stuck which brings u to be confronted with additional trouble , see next point
6- lack of breathing
this is linked to what I have just explained but not only, since the illustration part is also much an issue about it, if u ask me. What u have created here is actually making sort of a compact , dense shape and this is choking out of failing to introduce white space and respirations
7- weak hierarchy
nothing is really outstanding whether this is about size, colors, and so on, when u should have at least a primary and secondary levels to generate some relief
8- plain color shapes
they make it difficult for u to bring some “wow effect” to the table indeed, introducing some effects or whatever else, like gradient or something would be welcome
9- details
what I call this way is strokes, for instance, u have to realize that such a thin or small elements will look necessarily bad when the loo is evaluated in small size, as this is what they do here
10 - global style
to be honest , apart from not being impressive in terms of aesthetic and raphia design, well, the logo looks sort of very outdated all the way , see shapes, colors, concept …