Can it be approved by graphic river ?

Far too simple in my opinion. I feel like I’ve seen this same concept hundreds of times before. It’s not necessarily bad, there just isn’t much value here as a marketplace item.

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hi as for me i do not think so , to say the least. Basically, i can see here all the same mistakes as the ones that i pointed out the last time that i replied to u and sorry to tell u just this, but u cannot expect to have things accepted unless you consider what u are being told and keep on doing the same errors and in particular some which are related to basic design principles and expectations here … the main thing here though is that u can redo and even do better than this logo in a few minutes (since the logo needs improvements, especially as far as typo goes … The logo is globally too basic and simple and the theme is neither super original, nor materialized in a way that bring some additional value to the table indeed. The text and illustration parts not only looks disconnected in terns of style but also when it comes to colors so that both parts look pasted right next to each other rather than composed. The typo is super flat and definitely lacking work, variations, font combinations, touches of originality and so on … so that relief emerges from there ultimately . The imbrication is not the proper one, both parts are too close from each other , this is too stuck, not breathing well. Both parts are not exactly alined in the middle well, too


Sorry for repeating same mistakes, but i am trying to make logo on quantity rule. I tried to make logo more simple then last one.

lol well i am not sure that this is a good idea , but it depends on u … look why would people buy something simple , if they can redo what u have created without much effort and having incraible skills, what do u think may happen? they would rather save money and do it on their own and fix all the fix that they will feel like fixing … simple is not the way to do, “less complex” or “less detailed” is more likely to be the real deal but the thing is that , to do so, u need to have stronger concept, higher creativity and other thing like this … pls keep in mind that this category is a crowded one, the catalogue is huge already and this is a tough ones because a lot of people feel like posting here as a logo is probably the most expensive graphic design item of all … all this being synonymous with more rejections, too, of course

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