Showcase demo sites to demonstrate the compatibility of a WordPress theme with third-party plugins

I am planning to create a WordPress theme that offers an additional benefit of a one-year premium license to a premium WordPress site builder plugin for customers who have a valid Envato license for the theme. Each license of the plugin will be provided manually via email and the plugin will not be bundled with the theme.

When creating demo sites, I want to create two different types of demos:

1 A default demo site that does not require the plugin
2 A demo site that shows the compatibility of the theme with the plugin using the plugin

Is this approach compliant with Envato’s policies? Can you please let me know if there are any specific guidelines I need to follow?

Thank you.

Hi @Invertpro,

If you want to offer/integrate any plugin in your theme and in demo has that plugin features then you have to include that plugin in theme bundle plugins. Personally offer the plugin through email not be allowed. Your item should be complete as you described in item details page and in your live preview.


If I make my WordPress theme compatible with the Elementor plugin, can I offer a free version of the plugin with my theme? Additionally, can I demonstrate how the Elementor plugin with its pro features can be used with my theme in the demo sites.


yes, you can. and you have to include free version of the Elementor plugin in theme bundle. If the customer want pro version then they can migrate.

When I create demo sites using the Pro version of the Elementor plugin, is it compliant with Envato’s policies?

free version and pro version features are not the same. Some pro features are not exist in free version. You have to describe and display what you will provide your customer.

Thank you for your reply