Which License of ACF Pro and Elementor Pro I have to purchase to bundle them with a WordPress theme?

Hello creative people!

Many WordPress theme submissions to Envato include some premium plugins with the theme (e.g. Elementor Pro, ACF Pro). So my question is, when a customer buys that theme, does he have to buy a separate license for those premium plugins after buying the theme? And as a theme developer, if someone wants to pre-pack these premium plugins in the theme, which license should they buy?

Can the ACF Personal License ($49/year) or Elementor Pro Essential ($59/year) work for these purposes to bundle with the WordPress theme? Or need some different license to bundle these premium plugins with the WordPress theme?

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I haven’t checked the ACF license details but most likely you won’t be able to include the source file for both of them. ( again, not sure about ACF )

What authors usually do, they get their own copy and build the system on the Premium version. ( It should work without the Premium version as well but some of the features may require it )
And they inform the buyers that Premium version is required to get everything worked within the theme ( Buyers purchase the copy )

But many authors advertise that buyers will get all premium plugins for free! I have a reference. Please check down on the bottom of the page of this link.

So what is the proceeding in this case?

It’s only on their website and this is false advertising. You can contact Envato suport and report these issues