Demos in themes downloaded through Subscriptions

If I buy a themeforest subscription and download Wordpress themes from there, would the themes also include the demos? Or demos are not included?

It depends on the theme. Some themes require you to activate their license in order to gain access to bonus stuff like demo content, however themes downloaded from Elements do not come with the separate license which would allow you to do that. Better get in touch with the theme author via ThemeForest and ask him if his theme requires license activation to get demo content.

Hi @arconsultingsols

I would like to mention themeforest don’t have any subscription. subscription only for Envato Elements.

There should be a guideline how to import demo in your downloaded theme documenation. Many authors provide demo content xml files in envato elements download zip and you can import demo using those xml files. check theme details page there also should mentioned about demo content included or not.


Dont you get a license for the themes downloaded during subscription?

I saw their $33 subscription which has Wordpress as one of the options. On click, it shows themes as well. Check the subscription page and in FAQs
I am just not sure if I misunderstood something. Is there a phone number or email to get this verified?

If you are talking about Elements subscription then no.

Is there a phone number to call them on to confirm?

No, there is no phone number to contact directly. but if you like you can search the theme in themeforest then go to theme details page then comments page and you can ask them any pre-purchase query. Thanks