Should we change the item name upon its resubmission

Hi Fellow Authors,
One of my item was hard rejected, I guess the main reason was the w3 validations errors and warning. I have worked on them, I have also made the UI enhancement where I felt is required after getting suggestion from a fellow author. I will share my design after completion of the changes for feedback.
my question is upon re-submission should we change the name of items and images used in it too.

Changing the title/images from a hard rejected item will not lead to an approval. Even if you solve all w3 validation errors will not assure an approval or soft rejection.

The main reason why you get hard rejected, usually, is a bad or outdated design.

So, first of all make major improvements into your design, then you can consider a new submission.

Good Luck

Hi Mate,
Thanks for your reply.
The design was not outdated I have been working with high paying clients on custom theme design since 2010. I guess I by pass the basic rules of submitting template without going into the details of submission and quality assurance of my work.
my main concern was that should I change the name as I really like the name of the template I have selected.
Nauman K