Soft Reject: Names needs to match

Hi everyone,

Please i need some feedback for this last soft reject:
Names needs to match:

I think the reviewer does not read my notes, because it’s clear that in the last soft reject screenshot ( i wrote the new template name.

The name of the theme on the screenshots (also website logo) is not the same as the item name. That’s the issue.
While submitting the item, change the item title from Yasmine to Yakout

I did and i also wrote a note (you can see the note on the soft reject screenshot) for reviewers with the new name.

Can you post the URL of the item and the screenshot?


Please, post the screenshot from Hidden items on your page. Example :

What’s the item URL?

It’s normal that you have the rejection issue. You’re submitting the item with the new name “Yakout” but the name on the item page is “Yasmine”

Change the item name while uploading the files. ( Assuming that you have already changed the item name on the image previews/ description, documentation, etc )

Every time i submitted the item i also changed the item name but old name and item preview still remain, so i wrote an note to the reviewers with a new name.
It seems that the name field does not hold the change.

Submit the item with the old name ( revert the names on the images as well )
Once you get your approval, you can change the name later. It’d be easier.

If they give me another soft reject i will do so. Thanks ki-themes

Approved :grinning: