Life after hard reject

Hey everyone

I uploaded theme to themeforest and my template hard rejected.

I was reading article “Rejected Items” on Envatomarket help. And there I read this:
"If your item has been Hard Rejected, it cannot be re-submitted without first making a significant number of changes."
It look like that I can totally rework the theme and send it again.

But in letter that I have got from envato written:“unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

And now I do not understand: I can modify a theme and send again (with the same name by the way?) or I must forgot this theme and make any new?

Thank you!

Try to modify your theme and send it again, I suppose… But the changes should be significant )

rgba_design, thanks for answer. Yes, I looked at the last accepted wp themes - they are really better than mine. I already began to remodel. After all, reject is also useful

The point of that line in the email is so you don’t just re-upload the same item over and over, hoping that somebody might eventually approve it. You can get your upload privileges removed for that.

But if you make considerable changes to the item, then it’s essentially a new item. So you’re not resubmitting the item that got rejected… you’re submitting a new item that hasn’t been reviewed yet.


thanks for your answer.
Yes, I understand that I must make many changes. I do it now.

I must change name of theme or I must use old name?

Thanks again

Change the name and adding new features also.

Make a functional theme. That’d be great.

All the best.