Hard rejected ThemeForest

I recently uploaded an item and it got hard rejection. I’ll be grateful if you can point the weaknesses in it so that I can work on theme in my future items.

Here’s the demo

Thank you.

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I think you were definitely in the right direction, my thoughts are that you should have made the theme more flexible in terms of content presentation (i.e more variants for the single project page for example). Your home page and blog archive page are basically the same in terms of structure from what I can see. On the home page you don’t have a clearly visible headline and lead text or a hero image or something that gives directions to the user what this actually is. You don’t recognize right away that this is a portfolio/agency website.
I don’t think there are problems with typography or responsiveness, etc, it just needs more “content” in my opinion.
Keep up the good work!


Thank you for help!

Updated version and resubmitted.

After 5-10 minutes received a “hard reject”. Changed the name and description, anyway after 10 minutes “hard reject”. This is probably an automatic answer.

Analytics shows no visits.

Who thinks what?

It does’t matter if you changed the name or not. If you resubmit a hard rejected item without obvious changes (basically make it look like a completely new product), it will get hard rejected.
You can still use the same name, and the reject as far as i know is not automated.

Our first wp theme was hard rejected, we submitted with same name, description and everything but we removed some elements that we felt were unfinished or made in a lazy way, and we redesigned every single element, and it got accepted.

Try taking inspiration from recently released products, but don’t copy.

Wish you the best of luck


This is all clear and I am grateful for your answer. But can “hard reject” come in five minutes? Or maybe?

Trust me, we’ve had instant hard rejects. Literally uploaded, 2 minutes later, rejected. But that was when we first started out, and 6 hard rejects later, we had our first product!

Best of luck :slight_smile:

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