"Please do not try to resubmit Hard Rejected items" Even i change total look and code?

I submit HTML Theme before around six month ago I got Hard Reject message, It’s okay. Again i redesign/rebuild and change full UI/UX, code (js, html, css etc) and submit it again, I got Hard Reject, again it’s okay. I posted it in forum and ask for feedback, i got feedback and finally i decided i will not update old theme i will create total new theme and apply feedback in it and submit it. I submitted and i got message “Please do not try to resubmit Hard Rejected items. This is a direct violation of marketplace policy and may result in your account being suspended permanently. - https://envato.d.pr/c5gvsK”. Now my question is: Are you just looking a name of theme and decide this is same theme re-submitting? If not then I have re-designed all this theme again and why your message is like that?

I respect your time and i agree it must go thru by all your check points and i know you are doing it free for me. but I am also putting my effort’s, spending week ends and result is warning of account suspending?

This time i read lot of about Spacing alignment, typographic hierarchy, visual hierarchy, CSS standard, JS rules and not just read i select best sellers themes i see code structure space in section, title font size and structure and lot more, but still same message? What is exactly problem? can help me any one to sort?
Now i am here not to earn $ i want to see what’s real theory of ThemeForest.

Here is my links: http://preview.bizreflect.com

Thank you.

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Your template is very good but I think that same name title for so hard rejected but you need change different name title for approved sell.

Good Luck

Thank you So Much. :slight_smile: . Feeling good by hearing “Your template is very good:wink:

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