Hard reject, my app is pretty high tech!

I’ve submitted this theme and have got the rejection email that goes:
“and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

Envato offers no feedback, could you guys help please?


It looks good.
Which category did you submit?

Thanks :slight_smile:
Site Templates -> Admin Templates

Some elements are too basic, I think you should make them more premium detailed.
You should check others approved items and see how they build a demo

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So do you think I need more demo screens?

Why would the email say that I can’t re-submit the item? Does that mean I can’t resubmit until I make changes?

Yes, improve it and resubmit

Ok. thanks :slight_smile:

If you themes it is hard rejected it means not can resubmit again but soft rejected it means you can resubmit again.

Are you sure? So with this theme no matter how many improvements or changes I make I’m not allowed to resubmit?

What is the reason for this? I see similar themes for dashboards being sold on ThemeForest…

How can you get feedback from them?

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Yes, I am sure. you not can resubmit again because already hard rejected

Is this how ThemeForest works?

You get absolutely no feedback as to why your item was rejected, nor can you resubmit…?

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There are two outcomes.

1) Hard rejected.
The reviewer thinks the item is too far off the standard to warrant feedback or that it would not be productive to provide.

2) Soft rejected.
This is when an item is closer to the standard and there is something specific which needs addressing. In this case, you would get feedback.

If you get hard rejected then you cannot re-submit the item as it is. If you make significant changes (to the point it could be considered almost an entirely new item) then you can resubmit it. Basic tweaks and updates won’t be enough.

Your item is ok but it’s too basic for here.

  1. there are many others like it

  2. your demo is quite bland i.e. just lists out the features. COnsider alternative colours, layouts, example dashboards

  3. there are some fundamental design flaws in your UI e.g. top-performing elements don’t look great with those shadows and quite spaced apart, ‘congratulations mike’ box is far too much empty space, generally typography could be better

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My items approved but I also was hard rejected but I not can resubmit again.

Yes, it’s correct.

Ok now that is some useful feedback.

So the question now is, with improvements to the points you have mentioned, can I resubmit and get approved or am I not allowed to resubmit this theme anymore?

It would need considerable improvements. This is a busy category to compete you need to:

  • iron out pixel perfect design
  • add some features or options that stand out uniquely
  • add in variations and/or options (keeping them relevant and not just chucking in things for the sake of it)

If you overhauled it in terms of extending things and upgrading what’s there then you could potentially resubmit but again it’s about proving substantial change.

If for example you just tidied up the typography and resubmitted then you could find yourself in trouble

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