Shocking reviews !

WoW, im shocked to see all these negative reviews towards Envato in this Forum.

I have been using their services for a great time now, and I have not experienced one issue that I had to include Envato in. Everything has been resolved with the seller.

Well, I found one small bug in Envato website a long time ago, that was reviewed and solved quickly.
Then one time I asked Envato not pay my developer at Envato Studio , because my product had not been delivered… That was an automated email process so … pretty easy stuff… and quite nice actually I didn’t have to deal with a human :slight_smile:

I have bought thousands of products on Envato,
Some of my products have not been what I expected, some just don’t work as advertised or don’t work at all, but I just don’t have the time to be requesting refunds for something that costs $10 - $50 … if I made the mistake of buying something that isn’t working properly then that’s on me in most cases… oh I am aware of all the poorly programmed crap that is on Envato… And some I thought “Well that was cheating” … But never asked for a refund.
There is a reason I keep coming back here… Some of the stuff here is amazing and some of the stuff here is underpriced awesomeness !!
Com’on guys, if the product has only 1 purchase and 1 negative review … don’t buy it and then ask for a refund because you have it in black and white in front of you it “might” be buggy or poorly programmed.
use your brain !

If a product has thousands and thousands of purchases you can be sure to be buying quality , or at least you can have decent conversation to the Product Team about flaws or bugs you are experiencing … And if you need a refund then it sure would not be a problem and most big developers are happy to give you your money back without a puff…

Its like some people here have never been on Ebay, Amazon, or just any of the public purchase sites in the freaking world !

But when I think about this, i’m wrong on few things. People are screaming on this forum… More than on other forums i’m on where there are millions of users.
Most of the negative reviews I have skimmed through were refund cries , so…
Envato needs to listen to these people and make some huge changes so that most are happy.

I started writing this just to say: " i’m shocked to see all the negatives , because i’m really happy with this platform. And I can see all the great stuff I can use and change to my liking :slight_smile: "

peace !