Refund and License

Hi, guys.

I am a little bit of a slowpoke, but I just came to this realization:

So, if a customer purchased, installed and verified a license for your product (let’s say a WP plugin, in our case), and then requested and received a refund for that product, the product will keep working on his website, right?!


What kind of refunds can we even talk about with this system? It’s an invitation to fraud. I am really shocked.

Am I right about this system? What can be done? What are your thoughts?

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Hmm I think that the license gets inactive after providing a refund for an item.

Its sad if your statement is true because I already see a lot of refunds asked for no reason, just because envato doesn’t care about seller protection.

You can submit a ticket to envato and ask for clarifications

All the best

There’s nothing holding the person back from still using the product, they’ve downloaded it.

They don’t have the option to download new versions and of course you won’t have to do support.

I’m sure Envato will register the amount of refunds a user requests and if that is a lot different from the average amount my guess would be that they have some way to notice.

Anyway, an analogue store has thiefs, a digital store has as well. Not much you can do.