Is anyone having issues trying to get a hold of CSR @ Envato

I been trying to get customer service to credit my account for a few days already, and send them several messages, and no responds from Envato, is this common?

I guess it depends how many tickets they have and how complex they are, but the Help Team is pretty good and getting back to you quickly. Do you have the ticket number?


I don’t have the third one…

They make it so hard to get credit, not sure if I should continue to purchase thur this site.

they should allow the buyer to cancel the purchase if they made the wrong purchase instead of having the buyer go thru this pain.

the problem is that Envato doesn’t provide 100% money back, they just provide credit onto your account and they take there sweet time at it, if the case was that they give 100% money back, then we would just purchase the correct product and wait for the credit back onto our credit card.

very frustrated with Envato

With respect allowing immediate refunds because a buyer changes their mind is a dangerous territory with digital downloads as it opens up all sorts of potential to be exploited (same with all digital marketplaces not just here).

It’s not to say that the refund will not be given but technically changing your mind doesn’t warrant a refund under the T&Cs we all agreed to as buyers, which may cause some delay.

This might seem focused on the needs of marketplaces or authors but in actual fact, it’s in the buyer’s interest too - if too many people began refunding items all the time authors would stop producing items and leave the buyers with lower quality and choice.

It’s impossible to please everyone but there has to be a fine line between protecting everyone’s interests.

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It looks like they responded to 1191195 yesterday. You may want to check your spam folder if you haven’t received their reply.


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we have purchased software from Microsoft 0365 and purchased the wrong license, and they credit our account within 30 mins, and then we purchased the correct one… I can provide you other examples.

that unless your company is out to just retaining customers funds as a way of making a living. Reading the other other blogs I can see how you all do business, that unless you can prove me other wise.

Reading the email, why is there a reason why I have to reach out to another party for a refund, come on, please, this is your site.

if the credit is no applied within the next couple of hours, they you will leave me no other choice.

Just to be clear - it’s not my site and I don’t work for envato. I am simply another buyer/forum member like you and trying to add clarity on the situation.

As for Microsoft - with respect that is a completely different licensing system that allows them to prevent you using, sharing the software once a refund is issued.

Unfortunately, the only people who can help you support. @Kingdog is sort of ‘king of envato’ (and an actual envato employee) and I am sure he will do what he can.

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It is so easy for your company to take the payment, however to get just credit to an account you make the customer go thur a theme park or a maze before they get a response on what the outcome will be… lol

sorry to have unload my frustration on you.

I’m already looking at other site on where to purchase my themes, no certain if care to do business with this site.

Totally your choice - you have to feel comfortable.

Simply in the interests of clarity again - the main competitors to here operate an almost exact same refund policy (in fact envato can often be better). I would strongly suggest reading their policies before agreeing to their terms if you choose to shop elsewhere.

Good luck


I submitted the refund form as King stated.