[SERIOUS! Copyright Infringement] PowerElite author caught RED-HANDED

YES! A PowerElite author got caught RED-HANDED selling our theme AS-IS by rebranding under a NEW Name, SERIOUSLY!

It’s hard to believe but TRUE-STORY! Yesterday a PowerElite author published our theme under a new name and got caught. The good news is that awesome folks at ENVATO (I love u guys) reacted promptly and it has already been disabled.

Now some of you are like how can you be so sure? Well they not only had the same code along with the same bugs but they couldn’t even clean it enough to remove the same COMMENTS in the code :smile:
[removed by mod - according to https://forums.envato.com/tos]

Our team works so hard and sacrificed so much to get where we are today in the last 2 years and the shocking part is that a POWER-ELITE author can do such a thing. I will request you to investigate and see if they have done the same with your product as well as they have over 130 themes.

I have recorded and posted videos on Youtube (Cridio Studio) with detailed description comparing it side by side.

I am thankful to Envato for taking this matter seriously and I would like to request Envato to take serious action against such authors to set an example or else authors and customers will lose trust. I have also sent a tweet out to Collis and senior management at Envato with a recorded video.

Thank you, everyone!


Honestly, the attitude that’s been going on these days on Envato Platform rises up a serious question about professionalism and competency.

There’s an urgency for building based by the quantity rather than originality and quality that are being practiced on a daily basis.

What [removed by mod according to https://forums.envato.com/tos] have done, a position from Envato must be taken seriously. Doesn’t matter how popular they are or how big they are. The attitude shown in this post reflects the true business-oriented “ethic” they endorse.

A deep investigation must be made, this can happen with “featured authors” sooner or later. I’m pretty sure that if Envato Team goes deep, they may find even more dirty practices…

The most negative impact goes to the users that are directly affected by this fake "professionalism"

OMG! Listing theme needs to complete about 8 months to 12 months if it is first time. I think envato will take it seriously.

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Perhaps more serious punishments need to be included. Perhaps if you’re caught stealing work, you get a 1month suspension from the market. A simple removal of theme seems like no punishment at all.


Thanks for all your support. Even shocking thing is that this PowerElite author was featured on Envato Community community.envato.com back in July. Please check if they have done the same with your product because we have been informed that this has been their old practice.

I’m not an author so there’s no bias here. Simply removing the work “you” ripped off is no punishment, not even close.
Where the incentive to not doing it again?

Stop! All what they did (Envato) is removed the item? Really?
So, I can buy one of the already approved items, then rename it and approve for sale and, if I’ll be lucky enough, I can get extra money for free?
If I’ll not be lucky all what I loose is $49-$69? Hmmm…amazing deal!

Yea, this is unacceptable. The author has to be punished, at least for some limited time. Anyone can PM me which author?

Based on what I’ve seen on twitter. the theme was entirely removed from Envato Market.
probably the investigation was deep enough. “maybe” the Envato team have found other themes with copyright infringement or authors have also requested DMCA

Keep in mind that all (you know) they did, was remove the item.


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Looks like they’ve banned the author, link to their profile shows 404. Good job envato.

Were they really power elite?

According to https://elite.envato.com/wall-of-fame/, Yes :roll_eyes:

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Could anyone send me the author via PM? Seriously curious about who this author is.

https://elite.envato.com/wall-of-fame/ click on the name of the author. You will find a 404. That’s the one! :slight_smile:

Now to make you click on all authors, there is one more author that returns a 404 page :smile:

Knowing the name doesn’t help anybody. This issue has already been disscussed and solved with Envato Help&Support Team.

Please remember that our community guidelines clearly state that:

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Thank you!

One more note, as it’s a bit related, I’ve had an experience where authors used my plugins without extended licenses in their own themes. You know what they’ve got after being caught? - An instruction to remove the plugins from their archives :joy::rofl: So basically, do what you want, or Envato, please bring back some rules here!

Not only one, bro :sweat_smile:.
I saw 2 author with 404 :joy: