New ThemeForest Author & Community Abuse Advice

Hey everyone, lead dev of Redux Framework here.

One of our community has been hard at work on a theme that was accepted this morning, his first one actually. I’ve helped him from time to time as he’s been working on this. The sad thing was the reaction of the community. Claims of “theif” and “copy” were rampant. I suggested he not respond, and flag the comments.

Knowing that the author of Oberen did no such thing, I set out to prove it. Unfortunately the theme was just removed by ThemeForest without any notice. Anyways, here’s the proof these themes are extremely different.


First, a video comparing the two themes. The differences in the backend will be obvious immediately:


Seems that all the commenters and the theme author of Dalton are from the same place, and the theme was ripped off by them. Alas, sad day. Well, not much can be done.

@charlie4282, please chime in after you’ve read and looked at some details.

This isn’t very cool. :frowning:

And for the record, the author had never seen Dalton before someone mentioned it in his post. It’s hard to call something a copy when most of the themes on here use Boostrap and have similar looks. :wink:

Ummm… The Dalton theme stole all the demo content my friend posted in the forums 2 months ago? WTF?!

No wonder people are calling copy.

Unfortunately, if someone reports an item to Envato as being copyrighted then they have to remove it without fail or they could be liable to damages to the copyright holder.

The author of the removed item should receive an email from Envato giving them an opportunity to dispute the takedown (dmca) request. Envato then will make a decision based on the evidence posted by both parties in the case.

There is nothing you can do about malicious “takedowns” as Envato (and any website) has to remove copyrighted material as soon as they are made aware of the offending material.

Reply to Envato with all the evidence you and the author have and it should be dealt with quite promptly.

Bah, he’ll just make a new demo site and not post it on the forums so it doesn’t get copied exactly.

This is rather shocking. So there’s nothing that can be done except never post your theme on the forums or someone will steal your idea. Sad.

Unfortunately unless he goes through the copyright material scenario then there is not a lot you can do, anyone should be aware anything they post online can be copied and misused without their knowledge so only post stuff if you’re willing to take the risk. but the Themeforest community is normally quite quick to see copycats and report them to the author / Envato.

Unfortunately in this case it looks like it’s been seen as the opposite that it should be but with the evidence you have you should have a good base to appeal the copyright infringement.

This thread has been locked >> Copyright Discussion

While we really appreciate the intention of such matters being quickly posted/discussed in the forums, we politely ask that any/all copyright infringement related issues be reported directly to Envato Help Centre

Please also see our Help Centre for more information on copyright. Thanks!