Seller not help me + never refund.

Hello, Seller said (SKYPE) api yes. and i buy script.
No API system.
Seller said: I will never refund. 2 day ago.
Please help me i can’t get support script and seller not reply skype + gmail.
Where 6 month free support? >

6 Month support photo:

Mate, you should learn english!

While we talk with script seller, he told me that it was with API system then I bought that script. After I bought that script I saw it was without API system.
The seller said that he was not going to pay my money back. But the fault is not about me, he misinformed me about script.
Although I wanted help about use of script, he didn’t answer me via e-mail or Skype. But he answered my friend. I can prove that with a video.

Hi, You may ask for a refund here:

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If that the case, you definitely must contact envato support and explain the situation. @aHashim posted the right link.

Best regards.

Refund Request Dispute: Created Monday at 23:05
Envato support not reply… :frowning:

Hey, give them some time as Envato have a lot of work to do. They’ll reply to you, don’t worry.

I want full refund. Today seller:

Envato said:
Given the nature of this case, and your accounts good standing, I’d be happy to offer an account credit for the cost of the item. If you would like a full refund, I’ll need to do a full investigation on the item and reach out to the author to see if the item is indeed malfunctioning here. I’m of course happy to do this, but will ask for your patience during the process!

First of all you should always check if the item is supported or not. In this case you’ve purchased a non supported item. Because its clear that a non mentained script can have errors or problems.

Asking for a refund is a nonsense, in my opinion.

Seller said me API Yes… ONLY API
Please check photo

where my 6 month support? :frowning:

6 months left

It’s hard to tell exactly what the author said… someone whose English isn’t amazing, talking to somebody else whose English isn’t amazing leaves plenty of room for misinterpretation.

For example… you’re taking “no, only API” to mean that “no, this item only contains an API system” whereas it could mean “no, only my API item can do that, and this item can’t” just as an example. It’s hard to tell exactly what he’s saying. I mean, his first response was to check the description as it gives all the details… does the description mention anything about an API?

And if the item doesn’t contain an API then that’s not something that would be covered by support anyway. Support is just to make sure the item is working as it should, plus a bit of advice on usage here and there… it’s not to edit or add new features.

Don’t get me wrong, if I was the author and I was in the same position, I’d give you a refund under the circumstances… but I’m just pointing out that it’s unlikely the author was trying tk blatantly lie to you. It’s more likely this was just a bit of a mix up.


i’m: Your Script Function Yes User: Pass add cookies instagram user
Seller: No (No User:pass)
and said: ONLY API
i don’t want support for api…
my another questions yes seller don’t reply me.

i how get support or moneyback :frowning:

Thank you for your reply…

He just said ‘no’ though. You’re assuming that the no is related to ‘user:pass’ but it could be related to any one of the four points in his previous post.

But anyway… what is it you want support with? And the only way to get a refund is to continue your discussion with support, or hopefully the author will issue one.

script problem yes online topup payment.
2 days ago i m deleted script…
where is a justice

Well support offered you a credit for the full price of the item, but told you they would have to look into it further if you wanted an actual refund. So how did you reply?

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I’m wait dispute support reply.

My reply: Thank for your answer.
I want to full refund to my credit card.

Hi Tamerlan,

Happy to assess this. I’m currently investigating the item against your claims and will be in touch if I require more information or once this investigation is complete.

  • support open refund request

After careful review, rifat636 has decided to decline your request to refund your purchase of SMM Panel - Social Media Marketing Panel. They provided the following reason:


Well there you go then.

Where :smiley:

Well he said that he could give you a credit, but if you wanted a refund then he’d need to investigate, and that might take some time. You’ve told him you want to go with the refund, and he’s happy to investigate, so he’s looking into it for you… and he appreciates your patience.