Seller making people sign up for mailing list to get purchase????

I just purchased the “Rapid Green Screen” photoshop action on Graphics River. The action in the download link was not even the same action that was shown in the video on the ad. The action from the purchase link gives errors in Photoshop CC 2017, CS6 and CS5. The author told me the action shown in the video shown on there page was their “Extended” version of the action and the one in the download link was the “Premuim” version which was not compatible with CS5 or higher. The only action even shown in the video was the “Extended” version so one would assume that is what they are buying.

The author stated that to get one of the actions for CS5 or higher, that I would need to sign up on their website mailing list. based on the other comments and feedback, they have been doing this to all purchasers of the action. They refuse to update the purchase link to include the action that actually works. Based on all of the user comments, everyone else is actually signing up on their mailing list to get the product they purchased… However, I refuse to do this. I shouldn’t be forced to sign up for a junk mail list just to get the product that I purchased.

To me, this seems like a very deliberate and deceptive way to force users to join their mailing list. Obviously, most Photoshop users now are on CS5 or higher so this forces anyone who buys their product to join their mailing list to get the action that works…the one actually shown in the ad.

Let support know they definitely can’t advertise one thing and the download be different

Thanks for the link. The refund request page is not easy to find on the website :slight_smile: