Seeking Church site theme which pulls home banners from photo gallery

I am seeking a theme for a church site which in which the main banner on the home page cycles through substantially all of the photographs in the gallery. I think this will give potential visitors the best sense of our church community. None of the themes I’ve seen seem to do this, or else it’s not obvious to me how they would do this. I don’t want to have to process the photographs to make them displayable, but it would be great to have the ability to easily caption them.

Thanks for your guidance/suggestions.

Hi there

You can check our church themes
For the main banner using every image in your media library won’t be a good idea IMHO as media library can contain small images as well like your website logo and some other small icons which won’t look good on a full width banner. With Slider Revolution slider banner you can set a source of your choice for the banners.


This is helpful, thank you very much. I will check out the Slider Revolution slider banner configuration in our current site’s theme and see if I can adjust it accordingly.

Neither of the themes you shared seem to address this specific need (I don’t want to have to crop the photos to fit a flattened space, and I want the site to be responsive) but I appreciate your advice/help.