Do I need Slider Revolution Plugin?

I have the ThemeForest Photography template.

I also have Slider Revolution installed in my plugins but I’m not sure if this is actually needed for this plugin. I ask because apparently Slider Rev needs an update but it is asking me to register from Theme Settings first - so is this referring to my theme or the plugin?

(I have my gallery images slide when navigating through them:

I tend to run plugins quite lean and don’t have any that I’m not actively using, so I’d rather delete than keep if it isn’t part of the ThemeForest package.

I deactivated and it all seems to work properly on my laptop. Which suggests I don’t need it - but just double checking incase there are some circumstances where it may come into play.

All sounds obvious I’m sure - but I’ve been stung before when I’ve deleted something simple and it came back to bite me later.

So does the ThemeForest “Photography” theme require Slider Revolution to work?


Your purchase item already have Slider Revolution you don’t need to purchase.
Best way for more clarification get in touch with your purchase item author @ThemeGoods right here as a comments

Hope they will help


Thanks. It just seems that I can’t register anything to get it updated. All the purchase codes I input don’t seem to work, so it seemed the easiest thing to do was delete it if my current design isn’t using it.

My support contract has ended so I can’t get an answer from your link alas.


Hi did you create token ? You need to create token to active your theme.

Yes I’ve got a Token Code and Token Name and a Purchase Code.

These were all used with a different domain name when I set up the site (I had my old one still running whilst I built the new one and then I just re-directed). So now I keep getting error messages that say the Tokens / Purchase Code etc, are all associated with a different domain, so it won’t let me do anything.

And unless I purchase another year of support from Envato, they won’t let me post a ticket to ask.

Hi @mountaingeorge,

You can ask your query directly to the Item author by posting comments going through the Item Comments page.

Or send them a direct email going through the author profile page, there you will find a contact form.


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