In DESPERATE need of a theme for a events, clubs photography .

Please look at the picture (my old website.png) , this was my website 15 years ago and this image shows how it used to be. We used to go to shows, clubs and events and take pictures of the people. It also had news about places and upcoming events. Now I want to completely rebuild it from scratch but I lack the new skill web devs have today.
I’m having a hard time finding a theme or anything like that. I just need a theme that can accomplish that, a nice photo gallery, events calendar, some listings of local venues, etc.

The most important sections of this website will be the landing page and the photo galleries where people will see their photos.

Please help me find a template that is the closest to it .

With respect this design is very obviously from a long time ago and you won’t find anything that looks like that or in that style.

There are several “events listing” themes they use a more modern design and layouts but which will have all the features you want like likes, venues, etc such as (just one example) Multiple Event & Conference Preview - ThemeForest

You could look and see if one of these themes uses page builders or has some way to combine the relevant features into a custom layout, but again with respect there is a reason why the design trends have moved on.


I could prepare one with the same structure but new design aspect - if you have enough budget for the project instead of looking for template.

What’s the average cost to build something like this? Just the front page.

I appreciate your input. Just having a hard time finding one that meets all the needs I have in mind for this website. Thank you

Please, drop me an email then we can discuss the details