Music event theme


I’m looking for a good template that i can change or use original for an music event template with multiple music events?

I’ve seen clubbing but i need another one.

Modern but also playfull.

If you are looking for an HTML template see this

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Why you don’t look on events plugins?

Thanks but this template is to easy. i need somethying like clubbing template.

Because i want a full html template a not any wp or else cms

HTML is good if you static content. But you have dynamic site. HTML is not
user friendly.
And you will not find out off box HTML template.

I’ use html5 and sass to create awesome website. I build PHP around it and that works fine for me.

Then where is a problem? You can build what you need
It is faster and easier than to search and change code that is suitable for your needs.

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I can;t design. I’m a php programmer not a UI Designer

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