Looking for Wordpress Theme for Non-Profit/Organization/Church...

Hi all, longtime Envato member (Flashden days), but first time poster.

I am looking for a Non-Profit Wordpress Theme that looks professional, has a fixed box width, and doesn’t have endless scrolling.

Here are examples VERY similar to what I want my site to look like:

The Menu and template is not full-width
The site does not scroll endlessly to get to the footer (parallax), it’s almost all contained within the screen size (1080px)

All the Wordpress themes I’ve seen and bought here look very classic Wordpress theme-like, even with customization in the past, I’m not able to get the effect of above linked sites… could someone please guide me to a Theme?

Any input would be appreciated, from you talented bunch. :grinning:


You can choose any theme from below link and we can customize the theme to be fixed width.