compre la plantilla ostrya y no tengo las imagenes en la galería y no me aparecen los banners en slider revolution.
como lo puedo resolver?

Buy ostrya template and I do not have the images in the gallery and I do not see the banners in slider revolution.
How can I solve it?
Thank you

Hey @tilinproducciones

You’re best bet is to reach out to the @themepunch team, who are the authors of that item. I’ve tagged them into this thread, or you can reach out to them via the comments section of the Slider Revolution Item page.


if you also own the Slider Revolution plugin (as a separate purchase) please contact https://themepunch.ticksy.com and our support experts will help you!

If your Slider came bundled with the theme only please contact the theme author for support: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/213762463-Bundled-Plugins

Cheers, Dirk @ ThemePunch