Seeking advice/suggestion

Please suggest/advise me to improve my design.

Thanking you.

Rajib Rahman


I don’t like the following points:

  1. The combination of blue and yellow looks a bit clumsy
  2. A vertical picture does not look good in a horizontal business card
  3. The location of the barcode
  4. The rounded corner in the shape used by the mask for the vertical image and on the second business card on the background of the logo
  5. The field with the company’s geolocation looks bad, as there is a lot of free space at the bottom
  6. The logo on the first picture is lost and this is not the first element that I would personally pay attention to


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  • URL and icon on the front doesn’t work - would be better with the logo being bigger and lower.

  • The QR code looks very misplaced

  • Still alignment issues and the contact
    Icons/dividers are still not consistently spaced

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hi Rajib
well the fact of the matter is that u have many issues to fix right now …

1- contrast
this is a real issue as this is a basic design principle, not to mention that this point brings consequences to the table in many other ways …

2- color choice
combinations are not working indeed, u do not really manage to generate enough harmony right now , not to mention that some elements are not really outstanding indeed. in addition , there are too many colors in different styles

3- icons
they are too thin or kind of not valued enough indeed

4- qr code
originality is cool until this is not working and making things look not good lol and the thing is that the color changes are not welcome if u ask me , this is not working as such , actually …

5- hierarchy
the hierarchy is a bit weak, some elements not really valued enough and the discrepancy between most important information and secondary one should be emphasized a bit more , too

6- coherence
why having two logo colors? and why choosing two different placements?

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1- Black and yellow isn’t looking good at all
2- Fields against company GEO location are not looking good.
3- Logo on first picture is also not looking good.
4- Also about QR code seems like a bit misplaced

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