Hi Dearest How is a Design

How is My BC Design

Please Give Valuable Feedback

hi, indeed, i have seen far worst but quite frankly, there are also a good battery of things to improve, too. First of all the typo that u are using for all personal data is not matching with the rest and brings u to do something wrong as regard to hierarchy since u emphasize much much more the information that the function. Main manager is not popping out enough and is not bold or whatever so that it looks like secondary information when this is one of the most major ones. STrange also to have blue lines between information and a thinner and darker oone right next to the title … besides this line is not equally placed between the function and the name of card holder which basically makes the card look “disorganized”

the shapes above business company and meant to be sort of a fake logo are too basic and they are completely lacking contrast as well so that instead of making your item look better , it makes it looks not as cool as it could be … globally i would also advice u to bring some light to the table as your shapes are looking too dark and not having contrast enough with the BG