Need feedbacks please ! Business card


i make this BC

with the same style as this restaurant menu :

& i have maked 3 modifications & always i get rejection ! can some one tell me the reason plz ?

Maybe its the QR Code, is it easy to modify or to change, some one who buys the card would need to put a new QR code with their own data embedded in it. So it might not be so easy to edit or not so convenient. Also the icons doesn’t really go well with the design and the 53 Degrees part, if its a logo place holder its not good to have a line going across it, it could go a bit lower maybe. Also thin lines with gradient fill doesn’t work so well in print. Anyway it’s just my thoughts, it could be for another reason or reasons too.


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for the QR, i use smart object, i did it many time in others business card, Thank a lot bro, i will make changes using your advice & i will see :wink: thanks again

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