New Business Card Template need Feedback. Thanks Guys !

Hi Guys,
Here is a business card template complete i have uploaded.
I look forward to hearing from experts on the layout, how to organize the files, how to name the files …
Thank a lot !

hi there , sorry to say just that , but i have hardly seen a card design with so very little originality … u are checking absolutely all the points that most of the authors from this category usually do and in the end the design is more than deja vu inspiring to say the least … icons, color combinations, organization of the space, type of logo , type of typo, way to “play” with colors in the name, file color variations , etc etc etc … all is very much the same as tons of already approved or rejected cards indeed … i guess that would be great for u to identify that in such a saturated category in which so many things have already been done, there is a real need to bring something a bit new to the table
by the way pls tell me why there are 2 separated versions in the same set of previews, one including some melted pictures and some not … this is confusing …
besides , if the one with melted pictures is slightly having a bit more originality , to be honest , what u could gain in one side, u lost it by decreasing the readability of the content in the meanwhile …
icons are definitely too basic and are not valued so that they bring something more to the table graphic design wise, by the way, if u ask me, this would be welcome to try to push the graphic design envelope a bit as the design is rather plain actually …
the typo is also very flat indeed and there is a real impact when it comes to hierarchy , variations , combinations and touches of originality would be welcome

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Thanks for so much for your feedback,

The image in the image in the bright background will be replace by people to the image they like, so I created a layer smart object for them to replace my sample image in the main file. I see other designers did the same :slight_smile:

How about organizing the folders, naming the files? And the layout of the layers in the main file, it’s okay?
Thanks a lot !