Please feedback my new business card design

After getting hard-rejected for my first design, I decided to post my new design here for some feedback. Here are some screenshots of the design. Please let me know if I need to change anything. Thanks in advance

well for me this looks good , u have a few small issues with spacing according to me but the thing is a very good base to work with … u may try to value a little bit more the name of the company , maybe by playing with colors that your hierarchy looks more solid again … this is all i have to say for this , i am sorry that u could not make it …

Well, I kinda solved the spacing issue. I’ll definitely put a bit more attention for the company name as well. Thanks a lot for thr feedback

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Try to ad more creativity. As it is now your card will be rejected.

LOL this is a bit harsh a comment all the same as his item is harmonious and rather professionally executed …