Need your Review Before uploading

Hey what’s up guys. Back again with another design. since i have been posting my designs for review here, i have learned many positive points. and special thanks to @ n2n44 , Oxygen_Art
XioxGraphix for helping me a lot. It will be nice if you tell me what should i add or remove or maybe changing up some of the elements(scaling, positioning)

for the past three months I have wrecked my a*s in graphics design :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. i will never give up. i will keep trying and trying till i get one approved item in graphicriver. starting with business_card probably looks easier than the other print templates. I need some feedback on this, so i can rectify them and upload to graphicriver. I got the basic idea from here :>> so i made one similar to. definitely it is not a copy!

hi for me this is not so very bad but the thing is that , in my view , font combination in the logo are not working. The data , globally, is too close from the edges and icons are quite basic. The logo side is a bit simple though harmonious, i am just wandering what it looks like with another logo , that maybe flattening the final result and this is a concern in this context where the design is minimalistic , in my view

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hi thanks for your feedback. i have changed the serif font but i have kept the script one. here are some certain changes that i have brought. but couldnt add any thing in front coz it is for minimalist purpose have a look once! Fonts are arizonia and open sans. i found this pair from google.

u need to push all the info to the right side a bit so that this is breathing more

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However, again i recieved rejection.