I need a suggestion from experts

Hi Experts,
I have 3 questions. Please answer these questions. It’ll be very helpful for me.
The questions are:

  1. Will these templates be approved?
  2. What needs to be improved in these designs?
  3. Should I convert the logo text or put it in a type object?

I think the colour choices are really nice, the VectoSpack logo isn’t very nice (so I’d use different one or at least don’t have it first in your preview)*, the back of the first version needs some work as it seems a bit basic, and most of them feel a bit cluttered.

*Yes, people can change logos and colours and text… but first impressions count when people have thousands of business cards to choose from.

Will it be approved? No idea, but if I had to put money on it I’d say no. Will it be approved if you do some extra work on it and fine-tune it? I think the most accurate answer anyone can give is… maybe.

@SpaceStockFootage, many many thanks for your valuable comment. Please tell me one thing, the “Asliha” logo is ok? What do you say about it?

I like it. Clean, simple, stylish, legible. If you were submitting that as a logo template then I’m sure you’d get some criticism from people far more talented at design than me… but for a placeholder in your preview I think its perfectly fine.

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Thanks a lot @SpaceStockFootage

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hi here s what i think . i will detail card by card , though i wish u had used one card at a time, which is more convenient to provide an exhaustive feedback …

first card (veto spack)
1- lack of concept
i am not sure that there is indeed a lack of concept or that i clearly not identify what this is supposed to be, but, in any event, it does not change anything much, this means basically that something went wrong about it … u cannot expect to reach your target / buyer base if this concerned base cannot understand that u are addressing to them …
2- paradoxical combinations
for me u have a real issue here … mixing up very squared shapes with very rounded one, very scarcely brings anything interesting to the table and rather tends to break the harmony rather than anything else in the end … your item is no exception about it …
3- contrast
u have a very lethal mistake here as regard to contrast. Contrast is a basic design principle and is something definitely not to take lightly to say the least. The fact of the matter is that this is bringing u , in a snowball effect to face further troubles, pls see the next points …
4- readability
this is obviously connected to contrast … when contrast is not sufficient, contents become hard to read or hardly visible and in the end some main information ar not emphasized as expected … this is what happens with the name of the company and company logo … which is a big mistake in terms of branding … look, do you think that a buyer would have such important info given secondary information status ? i do not think so , people look for their brand to be seen , identifiable and remembered as much as possible
5- hierarchy of information
i started to deal with this point in the previous point, what i would like to add though is that a well executed documents identifies what is top and essential pieces of information and what is secondary right from the first glance. At this stage u have paradoxical things … the company being far smaller than the name and function for instance
6- impact and z-shape reading
basically some of the information and elements are not placed as expected to give them an optimized attention and give them the proper impact , plus see the connected subject … next point
7- alignment
actually this looks strange and quite frankly not really super aesthetic that u have the logo not being aligned with name and function … pls keep in mind that alignment is also a basic design principle and as consequence not a good thing to mess with
8- global style
for me this keeps a bit simple and i tend to believe that pushing the envelope graphic design wise would really not hurt , and on the contrary, would generate more interest

vertical alisha card
for me this is the best card that i have in all the one u displayed here … d not get me wrong, this is not perfect, but at least this is tasteful, and looks visually professional looking, just too bad that u messed it up a bit with some mistakes as regard to alignment for example, which decreases the professionalism transpiring from the item in the end …i am not sure though that this is real or not … maybe the thin green line is creating this feeling but in any event, this looks misaligned and misbalance like this. Here icons should be more worked out, they are too plain and look like photoshop presets more than any other thing (not the bets thing as u can imagine …). There is also a strange feeling resulting from texts, as if they were flagged differently , i assume that this is due to the lack of variations in phone numbers and email addresses but as such this does not look 100% ok. The logo side is also really too empty if u ask me, u can wander if this is worth the drive creating a 2-sided card if there is so very little thing to place in the “b-side”

green alisha card
1- color combo
i am sorry but i do not manage to figure out how u came to such a color combination … this is definitely not a good match and to start providing u with a solution to solve this, i would recommend that u rather opt for complementary colors, theme code colors or shades of the same colors, which are normally very safe choices to generate harmony and aesthetics
2- contrast
this is linked to the color issue … shifting from grey to green with so very little color differences, u end up having contrast problems and a messed hierarchy in the process …
3- hierarchy
as mentioned there are some strange things as regard to hierarchy, th website looks instrumental , the name and function are not completely given the right exposure , impact and attention and this is not any better when it comes to personal information see next point
4- typo / readability
at the moment, what u have is super basic , this tends to flatten the card and the global lot of information. This gets even worse as i explained when u come to general personal information insofar as these text would require more boldness to contrast and more and have a better readability ultimately …
5- icons
they are flat they look like more like a failed attempt to bring a bit of graphic design here , more than any other thing
6- alignment
blocks and elements must be aligned properly and be professional looking all the way
7- b-side
this is super empty there is nothing at all out there , what is the point to have it the in the end?
8- global style
if u ask me there is close to no graphic design and this does not help u to bring impact and originality to your work, this is the other way around … not to mention that there are repercussions when it comes to the feeling that u can manage to generate to the buyer …
9- low commercial potential
indeed, as the style is globally too simple, that all u have here is far from perfect and as u did not manage to generate a feeling from the author that they would save time out of buying or get a product that is being their graphic potential , then the commercial potential decreases gamely. Lots of people would rather do it on their own and dave money instead …what would enable them to have something even more in keeping with their personal tastes in the process

vecto spack green
1- lack of concept
hard to definie what is the concept here , who u are addressing, what the card is for , which does not help nowadays , this is not 2009 anymore , the marketplace has changed dramatically and creating a generic type of item could help in the past , nowadays this is not, U are expected to reach a niche, today …
2- alignment
as usual the same problem as mentioned for the other cards …
3- z-shape reading and impact zones
most of the most essential elements are not really in the impact zone according to the z-shape reading process and thus, such things as the logo , is not completely given the right attention and impact
4- hierarchy
does it really make sense to have the first name and last name in different colors? i am not sure but this could be ok, though … the real deal and trouble making issue is that the first name is prevailing over the last one , which looks clearly looks like a violation of a well built hierarchy in my opinion. Manager because of color and size actually does not even look like a secondary information but a third level one actually … as regard to what kind of content this turns out to be , a bit strange, this is the bottom line …
5- failed echo
for me u have a sort of failed echo with a structure which does not really look so very good from one side to the other , with what looks like a randomly placed website, for instance

jason smith vecto spack card
once again i see very little connection between the graphic style, who this is supposed to be addressed to and the related target in the end , for me the global style looks corporate , not technology or graphic design oriented … and i think that by “niche time” u have to make sure that u meet your audience. On more time, u have a real issue with contrast and the emphasis of important information indeed as u relegated the status of non essential information and the set of icons is really not impressive once again. The contrast of them is not high enough and they hardly bring anything more to the table visually speaking in such a context . The logo is not aligned properly according to the space available and this is how u are realizing that the global architecture of the card is not only far from original but also trouble making when it comes to organizing things