Can someone please give feedback on my design before I submit it for review.

Can someone please give feedback on my design before I submit it for review. please assess my business card design , is there anything i need to add or discard? is it graphicriver standard?

Unfortunately it is far too basic for a premium marketplace. There isn’t anything here that makes it stand out, or creates value, almost anyone could make this in a few minutes or less.

Keep in mind that marketplaces such as GraphicRiver are for items that save people time or achieve things that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do themselves.

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thanks! i will keep that in mind

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hi i am sorry to say something that like that but , honestly - thus no offense, ok?- there is close to bo concept. graphic design or style here and people maybe wandering what they would be buying indeed … look , the design can basically be redone in 5 or 10 minutes if u have to redo the icons as well … so people would not feel like saving time time out of buying the item , they would rather opt for redoing on their own and saving money , if so … and to the same extent why accepting the design if u feel like that the concerned design has close to no potential at all? i would add , too, that pls keep in mind that this category is one of the toughest ones as regard to the large number of people posting there, the very wild catalogue of template already available and the large number of submissions in the category … so , basically , unless u have a strong concept and / or bring something new to the table, the chance to have anything approved is close to 0 … in addition, not sure that this is due to the mock up or not but the text in the side where there are icons is a bit too close from the left margins and thus these texts are not reaching much to say the least … the logo side, is quite empty and consists only in something that i meant to be replaced by what people are supposed to have (but not necessarily compatible, which reduces the commercial potential again ). I personally do not really see the link between the target and the way the card looks too , in other words, hard to understand the “concept” behind the card indeed