I need feedback before submitting for review.

hi if u ask me, there is no chance at all that the second card is being approved for a variety of reasons …
1- global style
i think that this is not an overstatement to say that there is very little graphic design here … , if u ever turn out to consider what is being included in the main file, once the logo has been taken out, u will figure out that there is not much left so to speak … plain color background shapes and blocks of texts … this is really not much and there are some consequences , pls check next point …
2- low commercial potential
indeed, as there is nothing “revolutionary” here and that there is a need to push the envelope graphic design wise , the feeling that will be generated is more likely to be the one for people to say to themselves that they would not save much time out of buying and that , as reproducing this item, would not take huge skills, time or efforts, people , in the end, will prefer considering save money and redo it on their own rather than buying. Then, why would a reviewer accept this item if this is identified that selling potential is quite low right from the beginning?
3- contrast
u are sometimes on the verge of violating this basic design principle indeed, and u actually do not go as far as this , at least un get into deeper trouble due to the lack of contrast , see next point
4- readability
this could way better if the texts were much more outstanding and that they were popping out more , needless to say the name from the logo in white color on a grey background is not so much of a good idea and that same goes with the black text on mid grey background
5- organization
at the moment , this is rather messy , the eyes get lost in the process of searching for the information indeed
6- logo side
this is super empty , look, basically enough, when u take out the logo being here only for previewing matters, all u have left is plain simple color stripes, is this justifying to have a “b-side” when u have so very little things to place there?
7- typo
last but not least as regard to how important this is here no matter where u are posting, indeed, what u are offering at the moment is far from requirements , high expectations and required standards, this is lacking relief , variations and font combinations, as well as lack some touches of originality here and there …

first card
not sure if the card will make it or not but indeed, this is far better than the other one, no doubt about it. However, u still have some common “mistakes” between this one and the other card. Contrast is once again not important enough so that some elements pop out more and generate more hierarchy and relief, as wee increase readability in the process. The logo side is still really really too empty until u can wander if this is justifying to have one. The typo is also not really offering all ingredients , but in this case, this is way cleaner all the same. Globally the card is much more harmonious than the second one and the general style is more professionally arranged , too. However u still have additional things to fix, as well, like introducing the function - which is lacking right now - making sure that the icons are a bit more worked out and bring a bit more additional value to the card

Thanks for your suggestion, I will change the first card

lol this is the second one to change most importantly …

This is trash.
If you want to sell to the U.S. market, you’re going to have to update your designs.
This looks like a business card from 1972.