Need your Review Before uploading

Hi everyone. Can you do a review over my item. I need to know the mistakes i have done in this project.
I have gotten many hard rejections.

The main issue is likely that there isn’t much of a design, just text, standard icons, and a simple shape. Your item needs to be complex enough that people will be willing to spend money on it. I can find a lot of free business card templates that offer more, such as patterns, custom icons, illustrations, creative fonts, abstract shapes, etc. If people can get those for free, you should offer far more at a much higher quality if you expect people to pay for it.

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hi well it depends on whether this is an image on top of if this is a composition that he made … if a picture this is clearly what u emphasized …

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hi i see a collection of issues that u have to fix

1- simple style
globally as as mentioned @XioxGraphix, there is not enough graphic design in what u have here , whether this is an image or composition in the header of the logo side … u need to push the envelope so that people do not feel like this is easy to redo and do buy themselves instead of buying , not to mention that it will help you to offer something much more original in the end …

2- commercial potential
as evoked just above, the fact that this is simple will rather push people to redoing rather than buying and saving some time, so basically, even if approved, this is very unlikely that u sell much fo this item …

3- alignment
check at your preview of both sides right next each other … this is emphasizing that partition in both sides are not at the same level and this creates incoherence and disharmony in the process, not to mention that this is highlighted by the fact that i have different shapes as a partition and one very thick and the other one definitely thin … hard to understand anything about this creative choice indeed …

4- positioning of elements
it was slightly dealt with in point 3 but , let’s face it , the fact that , in the information side , is also part of the deal and deteriorating your work , since all the information, so the read deal for creating a business card is chocking at the bottom , when the upper part is sort of "full of emptiness " LOL. What i mean by that is that the upper part is very empty , almost like desert and the lower part is crammed, there no white space or breathing

5- valuing the information and hierarchy
once again , i started to write about it in the previous point but the fact of the matter is that , along with the lack of hierarchy or valuing of the information is flattening the whole card

6- typo
this is much of an issue here , this is too flat , not original enough , lacking variations and font combinations, and this is globally contributing to making the hierarchy of information and relief very weak

7- coherence
why having a picture in one side and not in the other one? why having the logo in one side and having the name written only in the other side? why privileging the name over information as such when the name is not underlined anyways? pls think about what is making sense or not …


yeah more likely you are to the point. I have become to know that I am much beginner to graphic designs. Can you please tell me If you know any good course to teach details about print templates.?
Thanks for your review.

buddy , here what is the most impressive photoshop guide that i know …

u will learn a lot from this chanel to say the least … for many other things it will be about practice, about self experiencing and so on , too

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Unmesh’s videos are good, but he mainly teaches you how to use Photoshop, not about design and print principles.

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I checked his tutorial. there weren’t any tutorial about print templates. So do you know any ??

yes but this is by opening up your capacities that a lot of graphic design will come to an end , u can try to choose building great a skyscraper with your good will and determination, not sure that the thing will be strong and long lasting despite this …

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yes but is this a problem in the end? i personally do not think so , the other ones will make him redo the thing that they have already created , so what ? is this going to help him bring greta things to the table for that matter? well , not sure that it will and not sure it will be more useful in any case. Besides, if i have seen tuts showing how to create superb flyer for instance, for business cards i have never seen any …

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As a potential buyer, I think your designs are pretty lame. You should add more styles and perspectives.

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