Pro's Feedback needed

Hi Everyone :smiley:

My First Submissions has Been rejected
and I need Some Pro’s Feedback on The Items, So I Can Improve My Skills to Reach GraphicRiver Standard

Thanks For Your Time :smiley:

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There are lots of issues:

  • You have no concept
  • Typography doesn’t pair
  • Composition, alignments and spacing are off
  • Overall balance is nonexistent

If you intend to create minimal items don’t use photos! Use shapes, typography, colors, illustrations instead. See this


hi for me the main problem that u are facing is that your item, even if it had been somehow some way accepted would have no commercial potential whatsoever , in my view. Look, who is going to pay , when the item would be rather easily and lastly redone by someone with basic photoshop knowledge? and, as people would not really same time out of buying, u can rest assured that people would rather opt for saving money and redoing if they really liked this item … what i also mean by that is that the global style, at this stage is too flat , not original enough and that pushing the envelope graphic design wise would be welcome so that it gets more creative and worked and that it ultimately motivates people into buying. Let’s face it , the two cards have more or less the same problem illustrated , the logo side is way too empty , there is almost nothing at all inside, so is there a real purpose to have it? To a certain extent , in both cases, the whole graphic design parts are residing in the logos that are meant to be replaced by people and pictures that are not including either … which makes me feel like that this is rather good that your item could not make it , as, try to figure this out, people would feel like that that they have basically bought documents is text layers inside, period … that would be a great disappointment for sure … IN addition, the part that would get is really not impressive to say the least as the typo maybe be clean but also really flat, lacking variations, font combinations and touches of creativity and / or originality

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hi @DesignSomething haha Thanks for the advice, i will use those advice to improve future design quality of mine , and thank for the references link

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hi @n2n44 ,thanks for the advice, yeah i agree that no one should spend their money to Too Flat and easy to Redone Items haha.

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hi guys @DesignSomething @n2n44 , i Try to Modify Previous Rejected Item but the new Version of the Design has been Rejected Again, What do you guys think about the new Design?

just ignore this if you guys think that the design is beyond help haha

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hi , your work is definitely original and this is worth praising it for this , in this case, but the thing is that u have some issues to deal with otherwise … first of all u have a problem of typo in a general way, there is definitely an attempt to bring originality to the table but the readability is not super good and the font combination not really working and for me there is also a bit of a global lack of punch for texts to spring out. I would also take out the honeycomb shape that is not working for me and not matching with the rest if u ask me. the colors are not combining well either , think about complementary colors, about theme colors or shades of the same color, this is never a bad idea indeed

hi @n2n44 thanks for your opinion and feedback , your Design Judgement is Impressive, apparently my Typo Skill Doesn’t improve much haha, Do You have any Particular Tips to improve Typo on the design?
what do you think about new Version of the Design?

yes i have a tip , buddy , spend time to watch other people’s stuffs … there is no better what than observing and analyzing what other people do , especially if u spend time to experiment typo and font combinations on your own in addition …

the item is definitely way better , now i am still not sure about color combinations , i believe that part of the problem is that the gold effect that u have put in some texts are not helping to make texts become readable and though they are contrasting as expected , this is not really harmonious in terms of style , for u have no other effect like this anywhere else and this is making u get into a discrepancy of style between flat plain color shapes in one wide and some elements with effects inside

@n2n44 thanks for your time for Help me , I’d Observed the Font Combination Of Popular Item but Couldn’t find Big Difference Between Those Items With Mine.

What do You think about this design?
Again Thank You for Helping me

as for me , as it mentioned before, the gold effect is not working much in my view …

@n2n44 oh hahaha, i tried to Soften the golden effect rather than delete it ,but Apparently it doesn’t make the Design Any Better.
How About this Design? Hope the Typo Doesn’t look to Flat.

this is better for readability but i am still not sure about the color combo … i know hat u chose complementary colors - which is recommended in normal times - but honestly i am not convinced visually speaking about the combo in the context

Thanks for Helping me, I Choose Shades of the same color palette for this Version of design.
what do you think?
thanks for your time @n2n44 , i need to understand your Feedback fully to Understand GraphicRiver Criteria, at least for the first time, so i can pass Review process on my own in the future :smiley:

wow lol the pink is sort of very aggressive style lol i am not sure that u are going in the right direction … what i meant by that is that i would have personally taking out the yellow color of the text , not that u needed to change all the colors … maybe shifting for white color for instance could have been ok, specially as any print designer will tell u, the white color is popping out much much more once printed than on the screen …

omg lol :laughing: i misinterpreted your advice , Which one have Better Colors Combination in Your Opinion?

Version A:

Version B:

Version C:

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i prefer version b by far , personally … :slight_smile:

Ok @n2n44 Thank You for Your Long and Detail Advice , i will Submit the Edited Version of this Design, and i will let you know whether the design is accepted or not.

hi yes pls, i cross fingers for u in any event :slight_smile: