Need Feedback on my business card

Hello , what’s your opinion on this business card, and thanks in advance.

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With respect you are way off the mark with this

  • typography esp the font choice and hierarchy, is not great

  • contact details are quite hard to read

  • the demo logo is not helping your case, and on the back is too small compared to the name etc.

  • there’s several places that need attention to detail eg on the from the logo does not have consistent padding top/bottom

  • some icons esp Facebook look stretched

  • from a real life use perspective, printing something that colourful would be a nightmare and probably not come out that well


“Creative business card template”
For starters, can you explain what exactly makes your business card “creative”?

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This is by far the non-creative card I saw here. Also the colors hurts my eyes.

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hi i am sorry to tell u just this but indeed, this is better to out glasses on before having a look at your work lol sorry buddy do not take this little joke personally but i really want to insist by this on the fact that colors are really hurtful to have a look at and that u should try to think about color combinations in terms of complementary colors, theme code colors or shades of the same colors, that would prevent u from having such a disharmonious result in the end. As the mentioned colors are safe choices and a guaranty for u, too. Otherwise, let’s face it, at this stage u have too little graphic design into this item at the moment … the fact of the matter is that once u except the logo - which is too flat , not professional enough and definitely contributing to deteriorate your preview rather than take it to the next level - there are only curves, plain icons and texts left. This is not enough this is decreasing the commercial potential and this is also reducing your potential approval from reviewers. IN addition , there are some matters of execution about curves, they are not professional enough yet, as the curves look not straight so to speak lol sorry hard to express what i mena in this case. U have a real problem with contrast as well and violating the contrast basic design principle just like u do is certainly not a good idea to say the least, as it brings u into facing further troubles in a snowball effect. About hierarchy in particular, too as the name of the logo is just close to unreadable in such a context. the footer text are too close form the edge and in the best case they are lacking breathing but i am even fearing that this is even in the tramline right now. The stroke that u out to the title helps to underline it but on the other hand is definitely not aesthetic , as well. Hard to identify why in such a colorful card , some elements end up being black and white color … finally i would like to point that there is no identity here and that nowadays is not 2010 and that creating generic / not original items like this will no enable u to face a niche but would rather lead u into having the card drowned among the thousand of others , even if t had been approved …

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Your talk is true,thank you

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u are welcome, happy if i could help u , if u have enough clues as for what to do pls, check the “solution” box


I must say it’s a great attempt. Do really appreciate your logo design work but i say there’s always room for some improvements. Please take my feedback as an inspiration and not like a dis to your work. Thank you

You may improve it by just doing some minor touchups like update the font, update the contact info and make sure it’s readable.

Make sure to update the demo logo and update several places inside your logo. If you learn on your own then you will never make mistakes like these.

Once done with these changes please update again

I absolutely disagree. Minor changes won’t do it better. The business card is very far from quality standards. I advise the author to forget about this business card and start making a new one. But for this, the author first needs to learn a lot about design, because without this, the new business card will also be doomed to rejection.


I have to agree with @romlam - there are some items we see asking for feedback which with a little adjustment is nearly there. With respect (and in the interests of preventing anyone from wasting their own or reviewers’ time, only to be frustrated again), this is not one of them.

The best advice is to spend time learning:

  • people become obsessed with quick earning which almost always leads to inevitable failure

  • just because there is less to a business card does not make it easier than something more complex. This is a myth… less means it needs to be flawless which is much harder

  • a better grasp on the theory of design (too many people (not a perosnal attack at anyone in particular) think that downloading Photoshop qualifies them to be a professional designer), with not only improve the final product but drastically reduce obstacles by helping you to understand and spot what are very basic problems.

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Didn’t mean to say in such way.
Quality is something at which there is no compromise but i guess aside from reading out my complete reply your emphasize and focus is just on one thing which is “you may just improve it by doing some minor touchups” :slightly_smiling_face: :expressionless:

as directed by charlie please update :slight_smile: