Advice neded.

This is my next Business Card. Is it fit for uploading ? Please Comment me. I will make my intention after getting advice. Thaks

With respect this is not ready

  • icons are too oversize

  • typography needs considerable improvement

  • contact info feels very squashed in without enough padding or margins

  • to me, having a wider hero area on the front side and a more boxed version on the back feels inconsistent and not quite right

Many Many Thans for Advice me. It will work a lot for me. Thanks a lot.

hi hoquenet
well there is so much to say that this is very difficult to get to know where to start to be honest …

1- execution
u have some real issues about it not only is the choice opting for different shapes is hard to handle and u indeed did not manage to do just this but, some of the shapes are not properly executed either

2- contrast
this should not be taken lightly , actually , contrast is a basic design principle that means her troubles if not respected , so this is really important … and some elements are hard to see and definitely not popping out as expected see point 3 and 4

3- readability
this is resulting from contrast but also about typo but the fact of the matter is that some important information is clearly not easy to read and the problem is that the card is made for these info t be read … the logo on the yellow stripe is not being seen at all and this is an essential point since people expect to do some branding in the process …

4- hierarchy
this is mainly coming from point 2 and 3. In what u have now , there is nothing really being outstanding, nothing really being very valued and no real difference between some primary and secondary information which gives people a feeling of flatness …

5- disposition
there are some very strange choices as regard to the way some text elements are placed … have a look at the positioning of the name and function for instance , this is definitely a very odd one to say the least. Normally this type of info coms first and then comes contact data …

6- global style
this is a bit too simple , there is not much graphic design in this item this far and even in the choices u made there is much to say , hard to identify a target, who the card is made for , which domain of activity and so on … and the card is not graphically impressive enough so that people kind of think “nevermind”
furthermore, to tell u how i feel the global looks of the card is rather outdated, sorry to tell u this , i have no doubt that u did your best but i would rather tell u the ugly truth indeed

7- icons
they are too simple, basically bing nothing to the table graphically speaking, they look like photoshop presets by the way and as mentioned by @charlie4282 they are too big , too

8- color combination
this is not original and not the best match that u could find, not to mention that the grey on on black is not effective either, as i pointed out above

9- fakelogo
i know that this is meant to be replaced but quite frankly this is good to invest some time to create a decent and professional looking logo so that it values your work otherwise rather than having a flat logo like this which is at best not bringing anything to the table or worse, really deteriorating your preview …

10 - last but not least
here the typo is a real issue , probably the most important of all and there is no creativity at this stage, no variations, no font combinations , so this is very unlikely that u can make it here with without really pushing the envelope typo wise …


Thanks a lot for nice Information.

Please feedback me about this Card. I want to upload this item.

hi this is fair, though this is lacking finesse a bit, as some elements really look too massive bulk wise, starting with the big yellow shapes on both sideways. The icons are a bit big too but this maybe a style , so to speak , the thing is that these are way too simple and look like photoshop presets. The typo is sort of ok, though this is a bit flat , lacking somehow variations, font combinations and other things potentially bringing a bit relief to the table … otherwise , the logo is quite plain and does not make u bring the preview to the next level, not to mention that the text and illustration are not the same color, which is disturbing visually speaking

Thank you so much for sharing such a useful information. I will definitely share this with others.

thank u for your nice message :slight_smile: