Feedback please before upload.


Sorry for I say, your design business card is too basic bad colors, typography, etc but my friend @n2n44 he will help you because he know more that I regards.

hi this is globally too plain and there is , as such, no commercial potential with this item, sorry to say just this but this is the “ugly truth”. Think about it, who would spend some money to buy something that they could basically redo in a few minutes? not to mention the thing is not even perfect despite being very simple indeed … u really need to push the envelope graphic design wise so that they item looks more original, gets a real commercial potential and has a chance to go through the reviewing process and makes it for sale … one side , right now, consists basically only in a logo that must be changed and that is not even matching the other side in terms of colors so that we fail to see the connection between both sides and the associated supposed coherence. Alignment is not ok the bullets and let me remind u off the fact that alignement is a basic design principle and is not a small deal. Icons are too basic, using photoshop presets is not a good idea indeed. Background cannot be left in plain colors like this ,u need to bring some real work in it indeed. The hierarchy could be slightly improved by increasing the function and making it a bit more outstanding. The typo would be better with a bit of an original touch, with introducing more variations and font combinations, as well