My Minimalist business card designs got rejected, I don't think they lack quality?

They are very nice, along with the presentation. However, they are far too simple to be considered a premium marketplace item.


Thank you for your response, Actually, I created a pack of 5 minimalist cards with 3 color variations. Everything is above average at least. And spend much time creating these. Not everyone can do the good alignment and white spacing that is required for the minimalist design.

Can you give me a direction of what graphic assets should I create? I am more interested in branding and this “pack of 5 business cards” is a part of that. What should I create now? I am confused that my hard work could be rejected again.

hi as for me this is simply too simple and too flat , think about it, why would anyone buy an item where they cannot feel like that they would save time out of buying or that that they would not feel like having something beyond their graphic potential in the first place?! if so people will opt for redoing and saving money instead … not to mention that, look, card like this can be found for free in the internet , if u do not have extra touches of creative and / or graphic design the commercial potential of an item decreases gamely and why would a reviewer accept a file with identified rather low potential? i might also add that u are violating a basic design principle as alignment of things is not made properly , in the information side, the loog and the block of text are not aligned and this looks messy as a result … besides, block of texts are not aligned well in the in the horizontal , there is very little space on the left and this is not “breathing well” while there is a huge white space in the right part … pls keep in mind that this is a template and u have to arrange everything professionally all the way , u can even adapt the content to make sure that u do … authors are thus given no excuse so to speak. U should also increase the same between information and the left margin and the logo and website and the right margin, this is somewhat choking like this …