feedback please :)

I don’ t know why my print template for business card is rejected and what the reason.

hi despite i really like the design and style i think that here some some clues why your item has been rejected . First of all the font size really looks too small. IN addition, u do not use the design to incorporate the texts so to speak and this is making the whole organization a bit lower than it could be and finally the fact that the texts cross the lines also make them a bit hard to read … u have to keep in mind that in most cases, as for i know , most of teh reviewers in Gr are corporate item makers mainly and in most cases their focus is more about organisation and all typo things than any other things indeed … but u have a good base to work with a bit extra effort and that shoudl be ok :slight_smile:

i appreciate that you like my design ,you helped me with those tips i will do what you told me
thanks for the reply :slight_smile: