I need feedback before submitting for review

hi obviously once again this is not bad but indeed, as very often with u there is nothing really new transpiring from what u have to offer … all, including disposition, style, typo, color combinations, shapes and so on inspire a real deja vu feeling and I assume that this is something that u really need to work on as a priority. Once more, u also have some issues with contrast. Do not take this lightly , contrast is a basic design principle and messing with it is a lethal error bringing u in a snowball effect to be confronted with far more troubles. Troubles when it comes to hierarchy of information, exposure and most importantly again readability indeed. This is better than last time as far as the z lay out goes, though there are small things to improve a bit all the same, but overall this is far more satisfying. However , once more there are some really apparent weaknesses regarding elements meant to be popping out and needing to be valued. Pls also pay attention about what u do, some mispellings make the whole work look less professional …this is “elegant”