I need feedback before submitting for review

You have made absolutely all the same mistakes as in your previous flyers, despite the fact that you were pointed out to your mistakes. It’s weird to do the same thing and still expect a different result :man_shrugging:

I think that u are a little bit harsh on this one, he did some of the same mistakes, he had some improvement here and there in my view, all the same

ho both versions are not equal if u ask me and I guess that u will agree that the second one is far better than the first one and that u could avoid some of the mistakes that were pointed out with your previous rejections that u managed not to reiterate in the second version. The first one, unfortunately is a collection of all the concerned mistakes, in particular the most lethal ones , if u ask me … let’s focus on the first one, then … here are a good collection of issues that u are being confronted with …
1- global style
indeed, there is not much that does not inspire quite of a deja vu feeling here. Whether this is disposition, color combinations, typo and so on , basically this is just another of these countless corporate real estate flyer that are created and immediately rejected out of failing to be well executed enough and bringing some a bit fresh to the table , at the very least
2- contrast
indeed, as I use to mention , this is not a small deal, this is a basic design principle that we are dealing with here and this is difficult to imagine doing worse a mistake than this one, not only because of the nature ion this mistake but also due to the fact that this mistakes brings many others in the process in the meanwhile. The fact of the matter is that contrast is not high enough and as such this is damaging the hierarchy of information and this is making a good number of text hardly readable or visible and definitely absolutely not as punchy as they should be , this is the bottom line
3- hierarchy
not sure u are realizing about this but some sideway or secondary information , in this context , turn out to pop out more than more essential ones due to a variety of reasons including lack of contrast , choice of color, decoration and so on. The fact of the matter is that u seem not to be aware of something that most of the print designers though, white color turns out to spring out much much more once printed than when this is just on the screen. Besides, it does not really matter if u already know this or not, as in any case, many of the yellow texts are not being having the same exposure and impact as the white one, even on the screen. What I am trying to explain is that the mistake is obvious already but will look even more apparent once the flyers printed in the end … I also identify that u are looking for creating some more relief but let’s face it, combining different colors in the same title not only makes very little sense but, in addition, this is putting u into trouble as regard to the meaning / coherence and hierarchy in many cases …
4- readability
some texts are not super visible or readable, needless to say that a yellow text on a white background does not spring out that very much , this stands to evidence, this is common sense
5- alignment
still about violated basic design principles , there is a big issue as far as alignment goes, many elements not being aligned properly is already quite a big deal in the first place but the mistake gets worse again as ling as we deal with a template and a corporate item too … when , of course, u are expected to arrange everything as perfectly as possible for that matter (example, why is the logo not aligned with the price block ? this would help to have a more professional looking combination indeed, since, let’s say it straight, at this stage this is not aligned with the concerned block and this is not even aligned in the white space under … so the direct result is that your organization of space ultimately looks messy)
6- spacing
this is a big thing , too, once again a basic design principle … looks at the way there lines are being chained in the main title or in the footer , u think this looks properly arranged as such? the space is varying from one to the other , there is no coherence is the way elements are being placed in the footer, too , the problem is that this is makes your flyer look globally messy (besides inside the footer, there is a very small divider that u failed to put in the middle and the consequence is that not only this looks choking but this looks misbalanced, as well …
7- qr code
pls align it all the way … this is not and this gives your flyer a strange look
8- finition
I guess u can figure out that having a mistyping / misspelling is not professional looking … this is “features” and not “featurees”
9- lack of depth and relief
the global looks is quite flat and giving a sort of relief somehow some way would definitely be welcome, if u ask me
10- global style
I would recommend that u push the envelope a bit all the same as here there is nothing fresh, nothing new and pls consider that once u have taken pictures , the things included in the main file are far from inspiring that u out much much effort in the graphic design , to say the least (even if we do not regard all the mistakes that I have pointed out, aside …)

I don’t see much difference

well this depends which one u consider the first flyer or the other , for the first one u are completely right and I agree fully …

Thanks For your comment

I don’t know how to thank you…
But I will try to keep track of the advice you give me…
Thank you so much for pointing out my mistakes

Take love…

u are welcome , this would be better for u if u can remember and fix , for sure but I know this is not always easy , too

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