I need feedback before submitting for review

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Looks good :smiley:

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Looking good, mate!

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Thank you

hi for me there are multiple things to improve. First of all the positioning and the spacing for the logo is not the proper one, this is preventing the logo from getting the right impact and exposure and in terms of branding this does not really make real sense indeed. Otherwise, I would not go as far as saying that u are violating the contrast basic design principle but the bottom line is that introducing more contrast would definitely help in many ways as regard to yellow texts indeed. This would increase once again impact and exposure, this would strengthen the hierarchy of information as well as this would really make the concerned texts far more readable indeed . Then, when it comes to the global organization , I think that this main shape / image placeholder is making it difficult for u to arrange everything well and that the bullet does not really help. Besides, the bullet should be used as a way to catch the attention and feature a particular point , but, to be honest this is not what happens , this looks flat and the price that should be valued is in a color that is not popping out indeed. BTW, still about colors, this is hard to understand why house is in yellow orange color and not real estate and the direct consequence for this is that a part of the title springs out far more tan the other other and is way more readable too … globally the lay out looks a little too compact in my view, there is not much breathing and in particular between the top margin and the header and and the footer and the lower margin, the item and organization would be far more efficient if they turned out to be farther than they are now