I need feedback before submitting for review

hi as for me I am 100% sure that the item is going to be rejected indeed. The fact of the matter os that the global style keeps simple , a bit too much I might add, even though this is tastefully executed all the same. The real thing is that , apart from this this , there are different things to really improve when it comes to this design, especially as u are facing some real major issues with some important points. The main issue being here, according to me that u have a blatant violation of the contrast basic design principle actually … Look, messing with any basic design principle is everything but a good idea but this gets even worse when we are talking about contrast since contrast is also driving u into being confronted to additional problems in a snowball effect. So way insufficient contrast as the one that u have here basically means troubles as regard to exposure / impact , hierarchy of information and even more as far as readability goes. And what is the point to have texts if this is not readable in the end? This makes the whole design and product inefficient and in particular for what is meant to be either a corporate item and a template. there are things that u may “shoot a bullet in your foot” regarding a lack of creativity but for such items what u are demanded more than any other thing is to make sure that all is efficient and properly arranged , this is the bare minimum if u wish. here most of the details are close to invisible and one of the title is not only resulting in the same feeling but is definitely having a really negative impact on the whole hierarchy too. This is a bit the same with the logo. The logo is not offering contrast enough and is not even impressive visually speaking, in other words , I think that this is bringing more wrong things to the table than the other way around. Part of the things to change and improve is also related to another basic design principle. This is the spacing. The spacing should be the same with all similar elements. This is what is expected and this is even more expected that indeed, as this product is a template u can arrange the content so that u can make sure to do so. Then, there are also issues with a third basic design principle alignment … some elements are oddly placed and result in somewhat deteriorating the visual harmony visually speaking.

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